Welcome! Green Acres Village is a growing node within Green Acres Neighborhood. Our weekly dinners resume September 14, every Thursday until June 2018. 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. All neighbors and friends invited. You are welcome to visit anytime. Just call or email ahead.

The dinners are not potlucks, but giftings. However, you are welcome to bring food, drink or a donation, if that works for you. In any case, not necessary! Or maybe your guitar or banjo? In any case, come.

Green Acres Village

Want to build community, live sustainably, and, above all, have fun? Life in our growing ecovillage connects you on a daily basis with others who choose to live lightly on the land while deepening their connections with each other and the natural world.

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Green Acres Urban Farm

The Green Acres Neighborhood Garden (GANG) was established in the Spring of 2009, at the corner of DeKist and Overhill, Bloomington, Indiana. In the spring of 2016, while still continuing as a neighborhood garden, it evolved into the Green Acres Urban Farm.

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Green Acres Neighborhood Association

In 2006, in dialogue with the city of Bloomington, Green Acres created an official plan that is featured on the city gov website, and remains as the first and only neighborhood to feature the philosophy of sustainability in its official vision statement.

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Community Dinner, November 16: Another surprise!

Our weekly Community Dinners consistently attract so many people now (villagers, neighbors, and friends —plus, there are always at least two new faces!), that I was thinking we need to reconsider the venue, at least when the dinners are scheduled for 2601 DeKist, which has a much smaller living room area than either of our other houses, 134 N. Overhill, or 2615 DeKist.

So, in the group email invite for this week’s Thursday dinner, I said that everyone would be welcome to pour over to 134 Overhill, next door, once they got their food, if they wish for more room and privacy for intimate conversations.

And since I had said this, I also cleaned house here, in expectation of the overflow . . .

Also, in my blogpost for last week’s dinner, I had pointed out that for the first time in three years, rather than the usual amazing abundance, there had been plenty of wine, but only barely enough food! A kind of gentle reminder to make sure there’s enough this time . . .

So, when Thursday rolled around, and we began to noisily gather in the smallish living room at 2601 DeKist, I clinked a glass with a knife, stood up, and, for the first time ever, proceeded to make announcements —

— again referring to these two subjects:

First, how happy I was that this time there was plenty of food! I said this to the accompaniment of jokey catcalls from the few whom I had called out in that blogpost.

And I pointed out that, as per the group email, everyone was welcome to flow over into the Overhill house next door if they wished smaller, more intimate group settings. Get your food first here — I looked at the overflowing food counter —

— and then remarked, to much laughter, make sure you bring your dishes back to this house for washing!

Next, I “turned the mike over” to Payton, who is heading up the group that is working to turn the Green Acres Village and Urban Farm into some kind of  non-profit.

Payton on left, with her partner Christina in the middle.

She told the group that we are at the stage when we want to announce openings for board positions. And, that we want a large, working board; who would like to be on it? Many hands went up. She distributed questionaires to them all.

Our business finished, we began to dig in.

And much to my surprise, no one went over to the Overhill house! Instead, the place kept getting more and more crowded, cozier and cozier, until finally, somebody pointed out, “We like to stay close!”

Here are two of the rest of the pics Mariella took. BTW: she’s agreed to be the new official photographer, so I can let that task go. YES!

Okay. Okay!

Next Community Dinner will be the Thursday after Thanksgiving, since so many of us will be out of town during the holidays. That’s November 30.