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Mid-May in the GAV: David’s Compost Lesson

This is the second time Rebecca’s ex-husband David has volunteered to come over and teach whoever wants to learn, the intricacies of perfect compost, which, for him requires manure. That’s the first criterion, and we had to get it before he would come over. So we did. On Friday, after the Thursday dinner; before the CSA.

Here’s Dan, “pretending to be a union man” while Solan and Rebecca do the heavy work. The pick-up, by the way, was borrowed from Dandelion Village, across town.

Protected overnight, in case of rain.

Then, in the morning, Dan decided to be the manure bucket man.

They spent some time on the structure to hold the compost —

— and David spent a lot of time explaining, as well as building up the compost pile, which of course is layered.

David said if you use sticks, put them at the bottom; otherwise, layer manure or soil above any rotting food. (Yes! Finally, all the rotting stuff we’ve got had around here in buckets just waiting for this day!) They also layered some old leaves and lots of fresh greens (burdock grows aplenty around here).

Attaching the front board to keep the whole thing in.

It’s one humungous pile, and should decompose quickly. Stay tuned.

Mid-May in the GAV: First week, new CSA

We did a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in 2016, thanks mostly to Briana, who then moved to Valpairiso. We skipped 2017. Now we’re back at it, with new people, Solan and Alex. We were going to have offer five full memberships, but Rebecca decided that, if we want to eat from the garden too, then we’d better cap it at three. These include two half memberships, one full membership (a local co-op), and one half-membership that is again split in two. So five altogether, but of various sizes. We might be able to do more next year, as the demand is certainly there. At least four people tried to get in after we closed the group.

So  . . first week, a week earlier than expected, we began, with mostly greens, as you can imagine. Friday evening we pick the produce. Members can either come get it after 7 p.m. or wait until morning.

Mid-May in the GAV: Thursday Community Dinner

Spring has finally sprung. Earth and her earthlings are humming with new life. This is the first of  three posts, one documenting a regular event (weekly dinners), the next, a first time for this season (CSA), and the third, one of an ongoing series of lessons (compost).

Dinner was a relaxed affair, even though John had promised some sort of surprise presentation after dinner.  Mariella took photos, all from her chair. First, her selfie . .

But then, when the time came, after John’s brief discussion of the possibility of Mariella dancing while he read poetry out loud . . .

 But then it started to rain, and the party broke up. So that was the surprise!


Early May: Work Days, and “How Does Our Garden Grow?” Whee!

While it may seem that the Mozart Bassoon Concerto is a far cry from working with plants, not so here in Green Acres Permaculture Village. Our two Thursday soloists were both hard at work, on the Saturday prior to the concert.

 As were others. Directed by Rebecca, so many tasks lie unfinished and must be attended to as the growing season begins. Here’s Solan fiddling with a fence while talking with our dear neighbor Aggie, who wants to see our chickens root for bugs in her yard. She’s willing to watch them to see that they don’t get into the street, but we prefer to get a chicken tractor instead. One more thing for the to do list!

Tomato cages await placement (we planted 78 tomato plants this year; compare to 38 last year!):


Later, Solan mulched straw for the beds.

Rebecca asked me to take over watering greenhouse Garden Towers for the time being. Okay. Wow! The cucumbers are starting to come on!

Cruisin’ around the GAV:

Carissa and Logan, across the street, wondered what the purple flower is! “Phlox,” I tell them (neighbor Armen, Aggie’s husband, had just told me). “It spreads on its own. So go ahead and take a bit of it.”