Green Acres Village: Join Us

We invite new members to join us in the neighborhood. There are usually several houses for sale at any given time, but most rental homes become available in August.

Obviously, anyone may move into the neighborhood by renting or buying a house. However, if you are choosing to move here because you want to join GANE, we recommend you do the following first:

  • Read our Vision and Values to make sure they resonate with you.
  • If so, join our email list to stay informed of our gatherings and hear about new rentals in the neighborhood, by sending a blank email to
  • Important: Get to know us, and let us get to know you, by coming to our gatherings and events before you move to the neighborhood.
  • Learn about our Membership Categories (below).
  • If it feels like a good fit, begin keeping an eye out for houses for rent or sale!

Membership Categories

We have three categories of membership:

  • Friend – Someone who attends gatherings and/or works on ecovillage projects, but isn’t ready to make a formal commitment. May or may not live in the neighborhood. A great way to test the waters of our community; may attend ecovillage meetings.
  • Non-Voting Member – Someone who is ready for a formal commitment to the rights and responsibilities of membership. May or may not live in the neighborhood. May join voluntary co-ops such food, transportation, childcare and other co-ops; may participate in meetings.
  • Voting Member – Someone who lives within the neighborhood (as renter or owner), is ready for a formal commitment to the rights and responsibilities of membership, and is willing to signal that commitment by paying a one-time non-refundable membership fee to help fund ecovillage projects. May join voluntary co-ops (see above); may participate in meetings and decision-making.

To read our complete Membership Documents, contact us.



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